In 2009, Mike Roy at Middlebury College, David Wedaman at Brandeis University, and Alex Wirth-Cauchon at Mount Holyoke College collaborated on peer-led online professional development workshops for staff in blended instructional technology and library roles. Building on this experience they ran NERCOMP and NITLE seminars to explore the shared professional development needs of library, instructional technology, and teaching and learning center staff. Out of these seminars and tapping Barron Koralesky at Macalester College, they launched the Information Services Instruction Support‎ collaborative otherwise known as Edu-ISIS in the summer of 2010. Angi Faiks of Macalester and Kathleen Norton of Mount Holyoke facilitated the first topic: “Library Collections Today: Is ‘good enough’ the new ‘best’?”

In January 2016, Edu-ISIS was renamed Partnership for Liberal Arts Collaboration and Exploration (PLACE).

The current PLACE steering committee members are:

Kristen Eshleman, Director of Digital Learning Research & Design, Davidson College
Angi Faiks,
Associate Director, Library, Macalester College
Joseph Murphy,
Director of the Center for Innovative Pedagogy, Kenyon College
Jason Parkhill,
Director, Academic Information Technology Services, Colby College

Past Programs

  • Library Collections Today: Is “good enough” the new “best”? — Macalester, Mt. Holyoke
  • Collaborative Support of Digital Scholarship Using Rich Media Collections — Hamilton, Occidental
  • Using and Creating Visualizations for Teaching and Learning – Furman
  • Liaison Challenges in a Merging World — Brandeis, Wellesley, Middlebury
  • Understanding Campus Technology Culture — Kenyon, Macalester
  • Scholarly Communication — UMass Amherst
  • Facilitating eTextbook Discussions/Explorations on Your Campus — Macalester
  • Mobility and the Liberal Arts Campus — DePauw, Carleton, Oberlin, and Colgate
  • The Horizon Report Through a Liberal Arts Lens — Luther, Colby
  • Foreseeing Our Future: Strategic Planning for the Library and Information Technology
  • Collaborations — Hamilton
  • New Student/New Faculty Orientation Planning — DePauw, Mt. Holyoke, Macalester
  • Reassessing the Learning Management System — Gettysburg, Wooster
  • Creating an ‘Apps Lab’ around iPad apps — Occidental College.
  • VIPEr resources in Inorganic Chemistry — Reed College
  • Doing Digital Humanities — faculty panel– Occidental College
  • Cover Your Assets — Storage of preservation quality scanned images & institutional repository-related issues — Mt. Holyoke College
  • Faculty in the Mist — Ethnographic study of faculty research practices — Mt. Holyoke
  • Navigating the E-text Wilderness: Library and Instructional Technology Perspectives — Reed
  • Google Street View for Maine Lakes: Creating Public Domain Shoreline Images for Research, Public Policy and Education — Colby
  • Soup to Surveys: 7 Years of MISO — Occidental, Richmond, Earlham
  • MOOCs and the Liberal Arts: Wesleyan’s Coursera Experience — Wesleyan
  • Institutional Repositories — Gettysburg, Ohio Wesleyan
  • Unifying Service — Macalester
  • Flipping Your Classroom — Gettysburg
  • 3D Printing Experiences at Small Liberal Arts Colleges — Hendrix, Ohio Wesleyan
  • Macalester’s First Online Course: The ACM Online Calculus Course Pilot — Macalester
  • Data Management and Curation at Liberal Arts Colleges — Carleton, Haverford and Macalester
  • Digital Studies at Davidson — Davidson
  • Digital Storytelling — Bucknell, Colby
  • Advancing Digital Humanities and Scholarship at Four Liberal Arts Colleges: Balancing Innovation and Preservation — Vassar, Lafayette, Hamilton, Williams
  • Moving from Open Educational Resources (OER) to Open Pedagogy — Davidson
  • Faculty Perspective on Digital Liberal Arts: What They Need from Libraries and Academic Technologists — Macalester
  • How Do We Know We’ve Succeeded? Assessing Instructional Technology Resources, Programs, and Projects — Carleton

Program Committees

Mike Connor, Senior Instructional Technologist, Grinnell College
Sarah Crissinger, Information Literacy Librarian, Davidson College
Fritz Vandover, Academic Information Associate for Humanities, Macalester College

Jason Bennett – Instructional Technologist, Kenyon College
Kristen Eshleman – Director of Instructional Technology, Davidson College
Matt Gardzina – Director of Instructional Technology, Bucknell University

Melanie Hoag, Instructional Technologist, Southwestern University
Eric Remy, Director of Instructional Technology, Gettysburg College
Angi Faiks, Associate Director, Library, Macalester College

Courtney Bentley, Director, Instructional Technology, Lafayette College
Caro Pinto, Library & Instructional Technology Liaison, Mount Holyoke College
David Sprunger, Director of Instructional and Learning Technology, Whitman College

Trina Marmarelli, Instructional Technology Manager, Reed College
Jason Parkhill, Director, Academic Information Technology Services, Colby College
Marsha Schnirring, Associate Vice-President for Scholarship Technology, Occidental College

David Collins, Associate Director, Public Services DeWitt Wallace Library, Macalester College
Joseph Murphy, Director of Information Resources, Library and Information Services, Kenyon College
Janet Simons, Assoc. Dir. Instructional Technology, Co-Director Digital Humanities Initiative, Hamilton College

2010 and earlier
Alex Wirth-Cauchon, Mt. Holyoke College
Barron Koralesky, Macalester College
David Wedaman, Brandeis University
Michael Roy, Middlebury College